Kirill Mikhanovsky

Sonhos de Peixe- Fishdreams (2006)
Kirill Mikhanovsky
In a tiny village on the northeastern coast of Brazil, the young fisherman Jusce scrapes out a living by diving 30 meters with rudimentary equipment for lobster. His prize’ at the end of a long day of risky work is sitting close to Ana as she savors the drama of urban sophisticates on her favorite soap opera. Ana dreams of leaving the village to see the world. Jusce is content with the life he leads. Jusce’s old fishing buddy - Rogerio - returns from the big city for holidays. With his Buggy he drives around the dunes and scores Ana’s immediate attention. The day Rogerio gives Jusce a ride to Ana’s marks the beginning of their rivalry for Ana’s attention. Jusce has to reinvent himself in order not to loose Ana to the adventurous life style of Rogerio. Russian-born Kirill Mikhanovsky locates his love story in an impoverished fishing village in Brazil against the background of the harsh daily life of the fishermen. In expert manner the debut-director handles both image and sound, which intertwine provocatively throughout this visually impressive sleeper hit of the Cannes Critics’ Week.
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