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El abrazo de la serpiente (2015)

Ciro Guerra, Colombia

Embrace of the Serpent tells the epic story of the first contact, encounter, approach, betrayal and, eventually, life-transcending friendship, between Karamakate, an Amazonian shaman, last survivor of his people, and two scientists that, over the course of 40 years, travel through the Amazon in search of a sacred plant that can heal them. Inspired by the journals of the first explorers of the Colombian Amazon, Theodor Koch-Grunberg and Richard Evans Schultes.

«The cinematic equivalent to the novels of Gabriel García Márquez, Alejo Carpentier, Ernesto Sábato and a Latin American literature called “magic realism”. A poetic approach to the complex identity of Latin America.»

Fernando Pérez


Carmen Stadler
124 minutes
OV Spanish, various
German, French
Video Quality
Available in
Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein