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La historia oficial - The Official Story (1985)

Luis Puenzo, Argentina

1983. Alicia, the mother of an adopted 5-year-old girl, teaches history in a Buenos Aires high school. Both in her profession and in her private life she has always accepted the "official version," until one day when the regime's façade and that of it surroundings begin to fall to pieces around her. In the crevices of this enormous lie Alicia suspects that Gabi, the girl she has adopted, might be the daughter of a "desaparecido." It is then that she begins a painful and inexorable journey towards truth - a journey in which she might lose everything. All of these individual adventures are part of a dramatic larger one: Argentina itself, a society which, bordering the abyss, tries to reconstruct its future, examining its wounds, recognizing itself in its victims and their executioners.

«A perfect classic narrative that brings to the surface the flushed pillars of one of the great political tragedies of Argentina through an individual and profoundly human story.»

Fernando Pérez
114 minutes
OV Spanish
German, French
Video Quality
Available in
Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein