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Manuscripts Don’t Burn (2013)

Mohammad Rasoulof, Iran

An incendiary critique of the Iranian regime, Manuscripts Don't Burn is a challenging gaze into the nature of evil and history as its eternal witness. Director Mohammad Rasoulof's latest tackles head-on the violent machinations of censorship in Iran — of which he himself has been victim.

Based on true events, the story revolves around a manuscript detailing a 1995 failed assassination plot by the Iranian regime against twenty-one writers and journalists. Almost twenty years later, the existence of this document remains a threat and the head of the censorship board has hired two killers, Morteza and Khosrow, to collect the remaining copies and silence the participants. A masterful storyteller, Rasoulof slowly reveals the relevant details, splitting the narrative between the henchmen and their isolated, state-oppressed victims. Shifting tone from suspense to art-house drama, and moving between past and present with seamless fluidity, we follow Morteza and Khosrow on their mission while silently observing the suffocating existence of three surviving writers.

122 minutes
OV Farsi
German, French
Video Quality
Available in
Switzerland, Liechtenstein
Mohammad Rasoulof