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Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time (2020)

Lili Horvát, Hungary

40-year-old Márta has found the love of her life. She met the mysterious János at a medical congress in New Jersey and arranged to meet him again in Budapest. Never before has she felt such strong feelings for someone. After almost 20 years, she now returns to her homeland in Hungary, leaving her brilliant career as a neurosurgeon and her previous life in the USA behind with the hope of a new, more fulfilling existence. As agreed with János, Márta waits on the Freedom Bridge – in vain. Irritated and disappointed, she sets off in search of the man of her dreams, but when she finds him, he claims to have never seen her before. At a blow, her new life shatters from one moment to the next, and Márta ends up traversing a fine line between love and madness. Packed with feeling and devotion, director Lili Horvát’s virtuosic imagery plunges us deep into the mystery of love and raises the question of what love actually is.

94 minutes
OV Hungarian
German, French, English, Italian
Video Quality
Available in
Switzerland, Liechtenstein