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Anche stanotte le mucche danzeranno sul tetto (2020)

Aldo Gugolz, Switzerland

Between goats, cows and the Alps, Fabiano (38) becomes a father. But the idyll is deceptive: he tries hard to make the alpine cheese the way his drop-out parents did in the 70s. In addition to debts, feelings of guilt also gnaw at him. Last year, a Macedonian moonlighter had a fatal accident. Since then, his death has never let Fabiano go. How can he and his girlfriend Eva build a life together with their offspring under such difficult circumstances?

Set against the imposing and oppressively quiet backdrop of the Ticino Alps, Aldo Gugolzā€™s film turns out to be an exciting tightrope walk between a criminal case and a sensitive portrait of a young farmer.

82 minutes
OV Swiss German
German, French, Italian
Video Quality
Available in
Switzerland, Liechtenstein