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Globi und die Schattenräuber (2003)

Robi Engler, Switzerland

Rock musician Benji leads a charmed life until the day the evil Maestro steals his shadow in order to take possession of Benji's musical talent. At first, Benji loses the ability to play, then he slowly becomes invisible. Desperate to help his friend, Globi follows the Maestro to his old “Opera house” and discovers that the villain has been stealing the shadows of all the gifted musicians, so that he may rule the world of music. With Globi's help, Benji and his musical partner Lucinda set out to regain their stolen shadows. Will the three of them be able to conquer the evil Maestro and save Benji's life?

72 minutes
OV Swiss German
German, French, Italian
Video Quality
Age recommendation
Available in
Switzerland, Liechtenstein