Silence Radio
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Juliana Fanjul
Carmen Aristegui will not be silenced. The incorruptible journalist and news anchor is one of the few voices in Mexico with the courage to speak the truth – becoming one of
the most dangerous voices in the eyes of the government. Millions of people listen to her when she draws attention to maladministration and misinformation on the radio or on television. Following the unveiling of a corruption scandal involving the president, Carmen is fired from the radio station where she works in 2015. The population reacts with protests, and the journalist’s fight for freedom of the press begins. We accompany the brave woman through her tumultuous everyday life as she continues to speak and manoeuvre a team of investigative journalists through the poisoned Mexican media landscape on her own news platform. SILENCE RADIO draws the rousing portrait of a woman who refuses to be intimidated or silenced.
Language: OV Spanish
Subtitles: German, French, English