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Old Cats - Gatos viejos (2011)

Sebastian Silva Pedro Peirano, Chile

Isidora and Enrique are about 80 years old and live with their equally aged cats in an elegant apartment in Santiago. But it is on the eighth floor and will quickly make Isidora a prisoner if the lift fails again. On such a day, of all days, the daughter announces her visit. That can't bode well. Soon the fidgety Rosario sweeps through the apartment like a hurricane. She's allergic to cats, but that's not all. After her girlfriend "Hugo" has joined her, the real reasons for the visit shine through: They're going after the apartment. This is too much for Isidora, who can hardly hide her approaches of dementia from the guests. And suddenly it's no longer about money, but about love, transience and missed opportunities. A virtuosoly staged chamber play that glides seamlessly from comedy to tragedy and back again.

86 minutes
OV Spanish
German, French
Video Quality
Available in
Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein