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Djomeh (2000)

Hassan Yektapanah, Iran

Djomeh is a young Afghan newly arrived in Iran in search of work. Mahmoud, a farm owner and milk seller, hires him and takes him under his wing. Very keen on the idea of getting married, Djomeh confides to Mahmoud his love for the grocer’s daughter. Yet, it is badly seen for an Afghan to marry an Iranian. Instead, he covers himself up with food and small goods in order to stay in her presence at least as long as possible.

On the deserted roads of a wintery Iranian countryside,Hassan Yektapanah (former assistant to Kiarostami), unfolds his story through heart-felt dialogues in the form of confessions. The mischievous and delicate tone of the film is fully expressed through its main character, played by the astonishing Jalil Nazari.

89 minutes
OV Persian
German fix, French fix
Video Quality
Available in
Switzerland, Liechtenstein