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Signer's Suitcase (1995)

Peter Liechti, Switzerland

A kind of road movie which travels in the grooves of magically charged landscapes across Europe. From the Swiss Alps to eastern Poland, from Stromboli to Iceland… the film is a large-scale attempt to achieve the ideal cruising speed. Roman Signer marks the stages of the journey with his own highly personal set of instruments – strikingly succinct interventions full of underlying humour. The film is also a journey through mental and emotional states. A tightrope walk between devilment and melancholy. Danger – including mental danger – develops into a sensual stimulus. Sudden crashes and abrupt changes of mood create the rhythm and the climate of the film. “Chamber of music” is how Signer describes his exploits with rocket and fuse, “sculptural chamber music”.

80 minutes
OV German
German, French, Italian
Video Quality
Available in
Switzerland, Liechtenstein