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Where We Belong (2019)

Jacqueline Zünd, Switzerland

Parents split up, a family falls apart. Two separate worlds emerge from what once was considered a unity. In constant transition, children now live between two homes. WHERE WE BELONG approaches their reality and focuses on how fragile children are, but also how brave, smart and funny they respond to their situation.

«A visually powerful, sensual homage to life that goes on and on, to the powerful ability of children to deal with separations in their own way. Jacqueline Zünd has developed a signature style that is refined in each of her works. A multi-layered film that develops a dreamy pull and opens up an almost meditative space for one's own thoughts and feelings.»

Bettina Oberli
78 minutes
OV Swiss German/French
German, French, English
Video Quality
Available in
Switzerland, Liechtenstein